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Forwarding this discussion on appropriate place (Syncope developers mailing list): please let's keep it here.


-------- Messaggio originale --------
Oggetto: Syncope: issue 153
Data: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 13:55:47 +0200
Mittente: Geert van der Ploeg [hidden email]
A: Fabio Martelli [hidden email]
CC: Francesco Chicchiricco [hidden email]

Hi Fabio,

Francesco asked me to keep you informed about my progress regarding issue 153.

I started to work on this, and I want to give you an idea about the
results so far.
See attached the patch. Of course I'm open for discussion about the
details and implementation choices.

Of course I could post this information as a public comment in Google
Code, but I do not think it is very relevant.

What I did thus far, is:
 - let the console offer the option to make connector properties
'overridable' and fill these per resource
 - persistence of overridable-flag and the overridden value
 - tests

What still needs to be done is:
 - Reflect this in the connector instance beans (registration etc.)
 - create some labels/explanation in the console what the checkboxes
are for, etc.

A note about my implementation:
I created a XmlConfiguration util class for
serialization/deserialization, to minimize code duplication. I
refactored Policy and ConnInstance to make use of this.
Let me know whether you like this or not (maybe you rather have it
fixed in another way)
The same could be done for the XStream-serializers.
(perhaps use some strategy-implementation to choose between the two
different ways of serialization)

If you would rather discuss this whole thing on the mailinglist or via
the issue-comments, let me know.



2011-09-16-issue153.patch (49K) Download Attachment